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B-ICU.CARE was designed specificaly to incorporate the critical care routines and patient flow. Easy to integrate with other systems already in place, in one single software, it gathers results from medical devices (monitors, ventilators, infusing pumps and others), laboratory results and clinical data recorded thoughout the patient journey. With an intuitive graphic interface,
B-ICU.CARE has a quick learning curve and provides a logic workflow for the staff, highlighting the most important areas for patient safety. With B-ICU.CARE we aim to minimize the use of paper in the patient record but still providing the means to follow protocols and supporting the clinical decison.

Which areas do we cover?

B-ANESTHESIC was thought and developed with the anaesthetic team, providing solutions for the daily needs of the staff in the operating theatres environment. It provides all the necessary data for resource allocation and cost control, helping the teams delivering better care. Easy to integrate with other medical devices already in place, in one single software, it gathers results from monitors, ventilators, infusing pumps and others, avoiding the need for data transcript and assuring reliable data and patient safety. With the capacity of producing statistics reports in a simple and intuitive way, helping to overview quality indicators for the management or cientific productions. The screens were designed for touchscreen setup with all information in a clinical logic way, giving it an intuitive and friendly interface.

Covered areas

  • After induction
  • During surgery
  • Appointment
  • Pain follow-up
  • Data exploration

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